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Choose between the morning and afternoon trip.

The morning trip includes round-trip transportation service, tourist tour of the old Rimini-San Marino railway, ascent by cable car, gadget and, exclusively with Dams, "TuttoSanMarino Card", that will give you the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive discounts at museums, restaurants, shops and perfumeries in the Republic of San Marino.

The only difference in the afternoon trip is that free admission to one of the 5 state museums replaces the train tour, leaving everything else unchanged.

Museums close at 17:00.


Full: € 22

The package includes:
- Bus transfer [Return]
- Cable car ascent
- Entrance to a Public Museum /Little Train
- Gadget

Conditions for kids: FREE OF CHARGE up to 1 meter of height if they do not occupy seats
Conditions for disabled people: it must be communicated at the time of the booking, full rates
Pets* are charged the reduced rate
* The ticket can be purchased on the coach only
* Customers must communicate it to Bonelli at the time of the booking


The trip is provided from June 3 to September 13.
Contact us to find out which stop is the closest to your hotel!
Martina and Ester will help you spend a wonderful day in the world’s oldest Republic!

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San Marino is a mountainous microstate within the Italian territory, in the central-northern area of the country. One of the oldest republics in the world, San Marino has preserved much of its ancient architecture. The capital of the same name stands on the slopes of Mount Titano and is known for its medieval old town surrounded by walls and cobbled streets. On the three peaks of the mountain rise the three towers, fortresses dating back to the 11th century.
The second tower, called Cesta, dates back to the 13th century and houses a museum of medieval weapons. This same fortress offers a view of the Adriatic Sea and is very popular with hikers.
In the historic center of the city there are many of the country's most important monuments, such as the Palazzo Pubblico, an institutional building with the daily ceremony of changing of the guard, the Basilica of San Marino, the main church, characterized by neoclassical columns, and Cava dei Balestrieri, an entertainment venue consisting of an open-air theater and a ground for archery (used during the events).


Prima Torre
The Rocca, also known as Guaita or Prima Torre, is the largest and the oldest of the three fortresses that dominate the City of San Marino.
  • Saint Barbara Chapel
    A small altar of the southern tower was named after Saint Barbara, the patron saint of artillerymen, while the current church, built close to the exterior walls, dates back to 1960.
  • Bell Tower
    The tower, which, with its Big Bell, during the past centuries called citizens to defend the town in times of danger, was probably built in the 16th century.
  • Torre della Penna
    It is a reconstruction of the mid-fifteenth century of the ancient watch tower.
  • Prisons
    The premises that made up the garrison's quarters were used from the mid-eighteenth century until 1970 as prisons.
Seconda Torre
La Cesta is also known as Fratta or Seconda Torre; rises on the highest peak of Mount Titano; as can be seen from the etymology of the word, it was used as a watchtower already in Roman times.
  • Museum of Ancient Weapons
    La Cesta has been home to the Museum of Ancient Weapons of San Marino since 1956, where around 700 examples of weapons belonging to different types and ages are displayed.
Terza Torre
The third tower, also called Montale, is characterized by a beautiful slender shape, and has a pentagonal plan.

Mount Titano
Mount Titano is a mountainous relief of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines that rises up to 755 m above sea level; being the main relief of the Republic of San Marino, due to its large extent its name is often used to refer to the Republic itself.

Public Palace
The public building of San Marino, also known as the Government Palace, is the place where the official ceremonies of the Republic of San Marino are held and is the seat of the main institutional and administrative bodies.

Basilica of San Marino
The Basilica of San Marino is the main church of the City of San Marino, dedicated to the patron saint of the city and the state. In the place where today the basilica rises, already in the IV century there was a church dedicated to San Marino deacon. The first document attesting the existence of the Pieve is dated 530.
San Francesco Church
The church and convent annexed initially were located in Murata, near the city of San Marino, but then Pope Clement VII granted the movement of the church and convent to the city of San Marino because at Murata there was danger of incursions by the Malatesta. Construction began in 1351 and ended around 1400.

San Marino’s Public Museum
The State Museum of San Marino is the state museum of the Republic of San Marino. It is located at the Palazzo Pergami Belluzzi. It is part of the San Marino State Museums district, including the San Francesco Museum, the Palazzo Pubblico, the 1st Tower (Guaita Castle), the 2nd Tower (Museum of Ancient Weapons) and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Porta San Francesco
Porta San Francesco or Porta del Paese (formerly called Porta del Loco, "Porta del Lucho") is an ancient guard post. It was built in 1361.

San Marino’s Museum of Ancient Weapons
It is located in the Second Tower and houses 2000 ancient weapons in the first and second floor of the tower divided into four rooms.

Wax Museum
Founded in 1966, the museum depicts 40 scenes from the history of San Marino and Romagna and 100 characters in historical settings and costumes.

Curiosity Museum
The museum contains a collection of facts, objects, news and completely unusual, strange, rare and real characters; inside you will be able to admire about a hundred exhibits such as a 19th century flea trap, the nose clock, the longest nails in the world, the fattest man in the world 639 kg, the lowest woman in the world 59 cm.

Red Maranello
Founded in 1989 by the Roman entrepreneur Fabrizio Violati as a museum dedicated to Ferrari cars, in 2000 the collection was enriched with 40 Abarth production models. Its exhibition site is about 3000 m2.

Santa Chiara Monastery
It is located at the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine della Consolazione in Valdragone, a hamlet of Borgo Maggiore. The construction of the current monastery began in 1969 on the old monastery of 1565; inside there are 17 sisters of the Clarisse order.

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